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College Of Ophthalmologists U.K. Meeting held in Glasgow.

Video Presentation: Anterior Chamber reconstruction, removal of Somering's Ring and posterior chamber Lens Implantation


College Of Ophthalmologists U.K. Meeting held in London.

Video Presentation: Lens exchange and Keratoplasty.



Pan Ophthalmological Meeting, Singapore


Lecture: Diode Laser in the treatment of Retinal vascular disorders.

Lecture: Capsulorhexis techniques and small incision ECCE.


Moorfields Eye Hospital, London

Harvard Medical School; Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary; Boston, USA

The Eye Foundation Hospital, University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA


American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons Annual Meeting at Seattle, USA



Invited Guest Lecturer: LASIK . The Procedure. The Results.

Invited keynote Speaker: Cornea Conference - LASIK - The New Frontier.

Invited Guest Lecturer: The VISX Laser.

Invited Guest Lecturer: LASIK one year results.

Instruction Course (Chief Instructor): LASIK Step by Step.

Instruction Course (Instructor): Correction of Presbyopia with LASIK

Poster: The Banaji Phaco Foot rest.



American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery Annual Meeting at Boston, USA




Instruction Course (Chief Instructor): BASIK LASIK.

Instruction Course (Instructor): Advanced LASIK.

Poster: The Banaji LASIK Shield.

Free Paper: The Banaji LASIK Shield.


American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons, Seattle, USA

Instruction Course (Chief Instructor): "How to become a LASIK expert"



American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons, San Diego, USA


Midland Ophthalmological Society, United Kingdom

Instruction Course (Chief Instructor): "LASIK - When the Going Gets Tough"

Instruction Course (Instructor): " LASIK and Beyond"

Invited Guest Lecturer: LASIK - Indications , Benefits, Risks.



All India Ophthalmological Society Annual meeting Ahmedabad.



Video Presentation: Anterior Chamber Reconstruction.

Video Presentation: The Glaucoma Cataract and Lens Implant Triple procedure.

Video Presentation: A new method of 12 o'clock cortical removal.


All India Ophthalmological Society Annual Meeting Bangalore.



Retina Foundation meeting Ahmedabad " Lasers in Ophthalmology."

Baroda Ophthalmological Society. " Lasers in Retinal Vascular Disorders "

Chairman: Session on "New Imaging Techniques in Ophthalmology".

Panelist: Manual Vs Automated methods of cortical removal, Bombay Ophthalmological Society.

Panelist: Capsulorhexis, Viscoelastics, and ECCE.

Invited Guest Lecturer: The Diode laser. First experience in India.

Keynote Speaker: Diode laser in the treatment of Retinal Vascular disorders.


All India Ophthalmological Society Meeting Delhi.


Keeler Laser Symposium Bombay

Retina Foundation Meeting. Lasers in Ophthalmology.

Paper: Diode Laser in the treatment of Retinal vascular Disorders.

Paper: Diode Laser Trabeculoplasty.

Keynote Speaker: The Diode Laser - Practical aspects.

Invited Guest Lecturer: Diode Laser in Retinal Vascular disorders and Glaucoma.


Retina Foundation Ahmedabad. Symposium on Cataract Surgery and Radial Keratotomy.

Bombay Ophthalmic Society meeting on Diabetic Eye Disease.

Invited Guest Lecturer: Role of Viscoelastics in Anterior Segment Surgery.

Paper: Role of the Diode Laser in Diabetic Eye Disease.


All India Ophthalmological Society Annual meeting Calcutta.

Paper: Small Incision ECCE - My Way.



All India Ophthalmological Society Annual Meeting. Bombay.

Udaipur Ophthalmic Society.

Guest Lecturer: PRK a pilot study.

Invited Guest Lecturer: LASIK the future of Refractive Surgery. One Year results.


All India Ophthalmological Society Annual Meeting, Chandigarh.








Nagpur Ophthalmological Society.


Rajkot Ophthalmological Society

All India Ophthalmological Society (New Delhi)



Amritsar Academy Of Ophthalmology


10th Anniversary L V Prasad Eye Institute - Hyderabad - Cornea Symposium

Guest lecturer: LASIK.

Guest Lecturer: Session on Newer Ophthalmic Techniques . LASIK the new frontier.

Paper: Excimer Laser in the treatment of Ocular surface disorders.

Paper: Corneal Topography after Excimer Laser treatment.

Chief Convenor: Symposia ALK as an adjunct to Excimer.

Chief Convenor: Refractive Society Of India : Excimer Laser Session.

Participant: Debate LASIK Vs ALK.

Lecturer: LASIK the Future of Refractive Surgery.

Invited Guest Lecturer: PRK and LASIK. Small Incision No Stitch ECCE.

Surgical Demonstration: Phacoemulsification. Small incision techniques with no Stitch ECCE.

Invited Guest lecturer: Principles of Excimer lasers. Corneal Topography. LASIK.

CO Chairman: Session on LASIK & ALK.

Lecture: Understanding LASIK.

Lecture: LASIK Complications & Management.

Invited Guest Lecturer: Understanding LASIK.

Invited Guest Lecturer: LASIK Results and Complications.

Invited Guest Lecturer: LASIK Complications.


Amritsar Academy Of Ophthalmology.



Gujarat Ophthalmological Society


Invited Guest Lecturer: LASIK Complications.

Invited Guest Lecturer: Clear Cornea Phaco Pearls and Pitfalls.

Instructor: Corneal Topography - interpretation.

Chairman: Refractive surgery symposium.

Speaker: LASIK complications.


Delhi Ophthalmological Society.



Gujarat Ophthalmological Society.




Convener: Session On Current Status Of Refractive Surgery.

Lecture: Wavefront technology. .. Reality Or Hype.

Faculty: Symposium on Refractive Surgery Dos and Don'ts.

Surgical Demonstration: LASIK.

Lecture: LASIK Complications.

Lecture: How to start a Refractive practice.

Lecture: Recent advances in Refractive surgery


  • Journal Of Cataract & Refractive Surgery

    ( A publication of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery & the European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons)

    - March 1997 Volume 23 Number 2.

    Consultation section. Refractive surgery problems.
  • Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery Techniques W B Saunders & Co

    - March 2000 Volume 2 Number 4.

    LASIK - A Holistic Approach
  • Ocular Surgery News

    - Vol 15 No 8

    (Surgical Techniques : Method of Epithelial Cell Ingrowth , Identification and Removal after LASIK. Submitted to the Journal Of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. Feb 2001.)

Publication (Others)

  • Indian Mountaineer

    - Number 35 1999 - 2000 (Journal Of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation)

    "From The Baspa To The Tons"
  • The Himalayan Journal

    - Vol 56 2000 ( The Journal Of The Himalayan Club)

    "True Confessions - The Trek Into Shaone Gad"